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Feedback From Readers

Although I set MakingTheFilm up to document my transition into filmmaking, my secondary motive was to educate other potential filmmakers through my experiences. The idea is that you'll be able to one day see my entire progress - all the way from the first 60 second film all the way to the feature.

Feedback has been very good. The majority of e-mail I get are normally from people who are in the same shoes as me, and have found a particular part of the site useful, such as the camera stills or the shot-gun mic tests. Indeed, I know of two people who have gone out and purchased the Canon MV30 based on the stills provided at my site!

The site is averaging about 6,000 hits a month, and hopefully this will continue to climb as things progress. Below are some extracts from reader's e-mails who have been kind enough to let me know how the site has been of use to them:

  • "I would like to express my delight in learning about your site and the information and service it provides to film enthusiasts worldwide." - Jerry Sherlock, President of New York Film Academy
  • "Just came across your site, and I have to say thanks for a lot of useful tips." - G, Australia
  • "Awesome. I am a low-budget indie filmmaker, actor, writer, director, casting agent in the NYC metro area. I revel in your efforts." - Ludis, NY USA
  • "Your website is great. I've been looking for a long time for clear information about MiniDV movies; after having to search past millions of pages of home made porn, I came across your great site. Your section in the diary about filters was great ... I learnt more from reading your website than I have at 7 months at media college." - James, UK.
  • "As an aspiring filmmaker I have found your website both helpful and inspiring. Keep up the good work." - Ashley, unknown location.
  • "I've been reading your site the past couple of days, it is really inspiring! Well next to Robert Rodriquez's book ... Thanks for the great info! " - Andy, USA.
  • "Great site - please don't fade out - keep up the good work." - Nico Iacouzzi, Argentina, Film Student.
  • "I'm a university student in Turkey. A few weeks ago some friends and I decided to make a film. I was searching the Internet for information on how to do this and came across your site and got very excited. You've done a nice job for people like me who are amateur and still trying to find their feet. This is a thank you from me to you." - Alpa, Turkey.
  • "Thank you for you Info. I am so glad I pulled you up. You answered all question. And gave me insight, and confirmed what I was thinking. Thanks for not wasting time. And I am one that just wants to have fun with a camera. " - Anonymous.

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